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TAU (Tizen Advanced UI) project for supporting web app development based on web-based ui widget components library

TAU Introduction

TAU is the standard web UI library for Tizen platform. The acronym stands for Tizen Advanced UI Library. It is a collection of UI controls called widgets which simplify application coding.


When using TAU you will get many benefits usable in your code:

Getting started

There are few simple possibilites to get started using TAU

Using Tizen Studio

  1. Download and install Tizen SDK
  2. Use wizard to create Sample Web App TAU project. TAU library will be already included

Using WATT

Note: Online WATT server is currently under preparation. You can find out more about WATT here

Using VSCode

You can use VSCode with set of extensions supporting web apps and TAU development. Note: Currently Tizen/TAU specific extensions are under development.

Including TAU in your source code

<script src="../lib/tau/mobile/js/tau.js"></script>

Where to get it

Simple usage example

<div class="ui-page ui-page-active">
  <div class="ui-header">MyApplication</div>
  <div class="ui-content">Hello world</div>
  <div class="ui-footer">
    <button id="closeBtn" class="ui-btn">Close</button>
    var page = document.querySelector(".ui-page");
    page.addEventListener("pageshow", function () {
      document.getElementById("closeBtn").addEventListener("click", function () {


If you are new to the whole standalone web application concept please checkout Application visual layout part.

But if you can wait to get to the fun, checkout the more stuff like:


TAU originated from Tizen Web UI Framework Library (standard library for Tizen 2.2.1), which was mainly based as an extension to jQuery Mobile. Key features of the former were coding simplification and app creation speed. With that in mind TAU was created as the framework advanced to the next level. TAU is a standalone UI library, without jQuery overhead, but that duo can be used as explained in this guide later.

Have some coding fun!